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Brainpower Therapy Abstruse

Brainpower Therapy Abstruse

Noordhoek 12

4759 AA Noordhoek NL

Tel: +31-(0)6-38398347

Brainpower Therapy

 What now ... and what to do futher?

Do you feel stuck after an accident, burn out, illness, pain, high sensitivity, lost, after a heavy childbirth, surgery or anything?

Do you find it difficult to get back on track with what you've been trying so far?

We all have the ability to change, only sometimes you do not always have the right resources.

Brainpower Therapy is the method of dealing with mental and physical complaints. Because of my newly developed method, I can help you change your mindset, allowing you to get out of your old habits and continue with your life. For what we all want is the same; Enjoying life! I can help you achieve this.

For who?

Brainpower therapy sessions are suitable for everyone, also for children.

Want more relaxation in your body and mind. Brainpower Therapy makes a powerful change in your brain. Brainpower Therapy consists of a number of therapy session. Between the therapy sessions will be a period of rest and recovery. The amount of therapy sessions depends on the personal treatment plan.This treatment plan will be tuned after an intake.

Group sessions are possible.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss it.

Exlcluded the rate for travel and residence.

Does the therapy apply to you?

Because of the diversity of Brainpower Therapy, it is applicable to a variety of complaints.

Below is a list of the most common complaints:

Trauma treatment such as PTSS, Panic attacks, Cardiac arrhythmia, High sensitivity, Cardiac arrhythmia, Sport performance improvement, Concentration increase, Insecurity, Pain relief, Fiberology, Chakra Healing, Magnetism Healing, Hyperventilation, Migraine, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Burn out, Loneliness, Low on energy, Downcast , Postoperative surgery, Tragic loss, after recovery accident, addiction, sadness, stinging , Bore -out, etc.

Is your complaint not included?

Please feel free to contact me to discuss it.


How you get there ? Do not let your happiness depend on other people. Create your own happiness right now using Brainpower Therapy.


No time more? Too busy with work or other things? A hobby  can bring  joy and satisfaction in your life, getting the best out of life


Awareness of yourself. Finding peace in your body and mind. Create space so you can overlook everything again.

Zoveel richtingen te nemen. Welke richting kies jij?


Brainpower Therapy

Hypnotherapy, Magnetism, Chakra Energy Healing, Singing bowl Massage, Meditation,Mindfulness, Yoga