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Brainpower Therapy Abstruse

Brainpower Therapy Abstruse

Noordhoek 12

4759 AA Noordhoek NL

Tel: +31-(0)6-38398347



Brainpower Therapy

Hypnotherapy, Magnetism, Chakra Energy Healing, Singing bowl Massage, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness

 Combined Lessons of Yoga Mindfulness Meditation and Influences of Qi Gong

World wide appointments and bookings

for private and group sessions available.

What the lessons can do with you :

* Stress Reduction: This recreational exercises makes that less of the

  Stress hormone cortisol will be released in the body free.

* Ensures lower blood pressure, improved digestion and increased immune system.

* Helps to prevent fear, depression, fatigue and insomnia.

* Can help relieve pain.

* Provides better lung function and increases the amount of oxygen in the body.

* Strengthens your muscles.

* Can help to stay on body weight.

* Ensures better blood circulation.

* Helps you to focus on the here and now.

* Creating inner peace.

No difficult poses and achievable for all.

Meditation - Mindfulness Teacher by Aura Aura meditatie app

Also Chakra Healing for children and adults.

At home, school, festival at work there is much possible.